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You can give the world’s worst athlete the world’s greatest programme, but it doesn’t mean they are going to get any better. As a coach, my first job is to make sure that my athletes/clients are performing safely inside the gym. I need to make sure my athletes are performing the correct exercises, with the correct technique and at the optimal intensity for their specific goals. Without proper coaching, I am unable to know if my athletes are performing optimally in the gym. If an athlete is performing at a level less than optimal it can increase the risk of injury and/or slow down their progression. Due to this, I have all my athletes and clients undergo three private sessions before prescribing them with their first four week programme. Following your first four week program you can choose to progress and undergo one private session followed by another four week program and so on. These four weeks will allow you to adapt to the program, at which stage you can progress to a more advanced program to optimally continue your path to success. By undergoing a private session before each block of four week programmes it allows me to see that you can perform your program correctly and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about the programme. During your programme we will be in constant contact via e-mail to make sure everything is going well and to make any changes if necessary.


Initial 3 sessions & 4 week programmes - €175


Follow up Single session & 4 week programme - €75