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Classes are open to all levels of fitness; participants must be 16 years minimum. All abilities are welcome and you can take each class at your own pace. Alex will of course push people while making sure everyone works at an appropriate level suited to their own abilities.


It is important that people arrive on time; late arrival can lead to missing the warm up and can disrupt the class for other users.


Set out below is a brief description of the classes currently on offer:



Bootcamp is a physical training class designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of exercises. There are a mixture of physical tasks to help build strength and endurance. Alex will use a mixture of activities that will have you on the move for the hour and your entire body will feel the benefits. These classes may be based indoors and/or outdoors depending on the weather.



High Intensity Interval Training. Stuck for time and still looking to get a good work out in? Burn more calories in less time. High Intensity Interval Training consists of fast moving, high impact exercises. It consists of alternating rounds of intense bursts of activity, including bodyweight exercises and/or light weights, with rounds of low intensity active recovery. The harder you have to work, the harder your body has to work to recover; therefore, your body keeps burning calories long after you have left the gym. Burn more calories and improve overall health.



This class will introduce beginners to strength training. You will be reintroduced to key fundamental movement patterns, good balance and correct posture. Learn to perform exercises safely and correctly. These classes will be designed and structured to improve your physical abilities. The aim of this class is NOT to make you tired, but to make you BETTER!



This class performs a selection of exercises in a circuit format to benefit energy systems and get a total body workout. Circuit training is a form of body conditioning and resistance training that targets strength building and muscular endurance. This class will involve a variety of exercises to target power, strength and endurance using body weight and/or light – moderate resistance.



Personal training involves 1 to 1 coaching. The exercise programme is individualised for each client and is designed specifically to build on their strengths and to help eliminate any weaknesses. Personal training is for people of all abilities who may desire a more private setting for their training or who may prefer more attention to work on their fitness goals. For more information regarding Personal Training or Semi-Private Training (2-6 people) Contact Alex.