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Sporting Background

 When I was younger I was always involved in some sort of sporting activity, but it wasn’t until I was 16 that I found my niche and took up triathlon. I had competed in athletics for years so I was no stranger to running; however I wasn’t exactly very good at it. I hadn’t really done much cycling and I had done even less swimming. I entered a few small races in my first year and began to see that I had some potential. I improved every year and was always motivated to become a better triathlete.  When I finished school I went to Waterford Institute of Technology where I was awarded a Sports Scholarship for triathlon, a first ever for the college. In my 2nd year in college I was awarded Sports Person of the Year. My first big result came in 2012 when I was crowned Standard Distance National Champion in my age group. My best year came in 2014 when I went from doing well in my age group to winning races and achieving podiums. I finished the year ranked 7th in Ireland and also won the Leinster Regional Championships. I transformed my running, proving myself to be one of the best domestic runners in the sport. 2015 was a quiet year as I spent most of the race season abroad; however I still manage to get 2 race wins in to keep the motivation high.


 Educational Background and Experience

 In 2015 I graduate from Waterford Institute of Technology with an Honours Degree in Exercise and Health Studies. College provided me with a wide range and in depth level of knowledge of all things required to live a healthy life. My four years in college included studying human movement, nutrition, performance nutrition, strength and conditioning, programming for athletes, exercise physiology and much more. I started out teaching TRX classes in Dun Laoghaire for Rob Smyth’s ‘Let’s Train’. I was then asked to come and join ‘Anne Sexton Pilates’ in Roundwood, Co. Wicklow.  After finishing college in 2015 I was offered an Intership in Florida to go and work in a sports performance gym called ‘The Chamber’. I worked here for 3 months under the watchful eye of my mentor ‘Andrew Hanley’, who is a specialist when it comes to working with rotational athletes. I got to experience coaching clients of all abilities, from people just looking for a healthier lifestyle choice, to young children, to high school athletes, to college athletes all the way up to professional athletes. During my time in America I worked with athletes from various sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf and American Football.  I also got to work as a fitness coach at the Saviano High Performance Tennis academy, run by world renowned tennis coach, Nick Saviano. America helped me to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience working in the area of athletic performance. Now I want to use my skills in helping you reach your goals, whether they are performance related or health related. Having worked in America and here in Ireland it is clear the difference between what is offered to our athletes. I hope to bridge the gap and give my athletes the same experience that they would receive in better developed sporting communities like America.


I have trained for fitness, I have trained for success, I have worked under some of the best coaches and I have trained some incredibly talented athletes. I have the experience as an athlete and as a coach. So whatever your goals may be, get in touch now and help me to help you Pursue Perfection.